Authentic Connection Through Group Therapy

Authentic Connection Through Group Therapy

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    Isolation is often a major cause of addiction. Those struggling with addiction might crave human interaction but are in a place emotionally where they feel they don’t deserve it. At Villa Oasis San Diego, group therapy is integral to our recovery process. Since we are a smaller rehab facility, those who go through our group therapy program will likely make powerful and intimate connections with those with similar struggles.

    Isolation Feeds Addiction

    When a person has an addiction, they are more likely to stay away from others out of fear of judgment. This can cause them to cut off contact with their friends and family, leaving them to be alone with the substances they are using. Isolation can also worsen addiction. Those in isolation lack the support they need to overcome substance use. There’s no one to lean on or to stop them, making their addiction worse.

    Self-Esteem Affects Your Ability to Socialize

    A low sense of self-worth can also lead to addiction. If you’ve experienced hardships, trauma, or have an undiagnosed mental health disorder, this can impact how you see yourself. Sometimes, those with lower self-esteem and self-worth might turn to using substances. Self-esteem can also affect your ability to be social while sober. You might feel more like yourself again when you’re drinking alcohol or using drugs. You might feel more confident, but without substances, you’re afraid of what people think of you—so you isolate yourself even more.

    Our Small Community

    Villa Oasis San Diego is a smaller rehab center with only six beds. This allows our groups to be smaller, allowing more time for our residents and staff to get to know each other more intimately. As a result, there’s more time and space to discuss the more prominent and deeper issues that you wouldn’t be able to in a larger setting.

    Learning How to Trust Again

    A person entering our rehab center might feel reluctant or even scared of the idea of group therapy. They can’t imagine sharing intimate details with one person, let alone a group of strangers. Thankfully, our group therapy sessions can help you rebuild trust. You can take the time you need to dig deeper with others and talk about the more significant issues affecting your life.

    Building Healthy Intimacy

    It’s common for those who struggle with addiction not to have the healthiest relationships. They might enter toxic relationships or have marital problems that are fueling their addiction. They might not have experience sharing emotions with others or forming authentic attachments. Through group therapy at Villa Oasis, you can navigate those issues by talking about your past and present, as well as solving problems together.

    Widening Your World View

    Group therapy allows you to meet people from all walks of life. Different backgrounds can help you see outside of your current beliefs and assumptions. As a result, your limitations don’t bog you down and hinder your progress. Instead, you can think outside the box through insight outside your normal thought patterns.

    Therapy in a group setting can also allow you to receive advice from people who aren’t as invested in your life as your friends and family might be. During group therapy, you can discuss your problems with others, as well as hear challenges from others. Seeing outside of yourself can give you the perspective you might need to move past your addiction and take steps to improve your life.

    Feeling Less Alone

    Isolation can reinforce addiction. You might feel physically and utterly alone in your problems, experiences, thoughts, and feelings. What you might find in group therapy is that many of your problems are relatable. You aren’t alone in the pain you hold. Other people who may have experienced exactly what you have can offer support and empathize with you.

    Group therapy offers that support system you may be missing. Finally, you have others to lean on and talk to that understand what it’s like to be in your shoes. They might have felt the same rejection, hopelessness, and pain you’ve been holding onto for so long. Those you meet in group therapy can even provide you with that support long after treatment, allow you to hold onto that support, and maintain those essential connections.

    Creating Memories Together

    Group therapy at Villa Oasis allows you to form new memories and enjoy unforgettable experiences. Memories can work as the glue that holds you and the people you meet in treatment together. In addition, these memories can help you connect with your peers well past your time at Villa through deep talks, great laughs, and emotional moments.

    Group therapy can be an unforgettable and helpful experience. Those who are healing from addiction crave authentic human interaction. Group therapy can be the thing that fits that need. Participating in group therapy can help you realize that you aren’t entirely alone in your battle with addiction; many people have similar experiences. There are people who care about you and want to see you improve. Several people want to grow with you. Group therapy at Villa Oasis San Diego allows you to make connections and memories through our group exercises and discussions that tap into the very core of what is holding you back from having a better life. Villa Oasis centers our treatment around group therapy and the many things it has to offer. If you’re interested in treatment in a group environment, contact us today at (323) 739-8673 to learn more. 

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