There are many reasons to seek therapy. Some people have substance abuse problems, while others have a dual diagnosis. However, regardless of their problem, there is nearly always something specific that sends them into therapy.
At Villa Oasis San Diego, we want to let a resident’s trauma inform how we approach our treatment with them. Trauma informed therapy allows us to delve into childhood trauma, the past, and other issues that could be at the root cause of substance abuse and mental health problems.
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    Different types of trauma

    We have found that for many people, the root of their issues always stems from some sort of trauma. Whether recent or from their past, this trauma has stuck with them and informed their decisions and emotions for far longer than it should. These individuals seek therapy as a means of dealing with these issues.

    There are a number of different types of trauma that may send someone to seek therapeutic help. A few examples of trauma include:

    • Sexual abuse
    • Complex trauma
    • Early childhood trauma
    • Intimate partner violence
    • Medical trauma
    • Physical abuse
    These are only a few of the many types of trauma a person can experience in their lives.
    It is important to note that although trauma often stems from childhood incidents, this is by no means the only place it comes from. Recent traumas can be just as insidious. Regardless of where trauma comes from, seeing a therapist can be an essential part of dealing with these issues.

    Therapy programs at Villa Oasis

    We believe the best way of dealing with traumatic events is through therapy. Therapy has been shown to be the most effective technique for treating trauma. The concept of getting things out in the open is cathartic and a way of getting to the crux of the issue.

    When it comes to therapy at Villa Oasis, there are two types we generally use for treatment. These are group therapy and individual therapy.

    Group therapy

    This type of therapy is often used for people who have substance abuse issues. However, it is also used for other mental health issues as well. For many people, having others who have been through similar situations can be comforting. In these sessions, the group will discuss specific topics, and people will have time to talk and get feedback from others.

    Individual therapy

    In this type of therapy, a person is given time to meet one-on-one with a mental health professional. Often in these cases, the person will be given full time for themselves. They will work with a therapist to learn more about what may be the problem, where it stems from, and what to do about it going forward.
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    Benefits of trauma-informed therapy

    Therapy often takes the form of talking about problems, while a therapist listens and sometimes offers advice on different issues. However, with trauma-informed therapy, the techniques are slightly different. Although the bones of cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) are still in place, much more attention is paid to the person’s specific trauma history.

    There can be vast differences between someone coming into a therapist’s office to talk about their day versus someone who needs to hash out issues caused by trauma. Our trained staff are experts at helping residents navigate this road and getting them to the proper conclusions about their past.


    For someone with trauma in their background, specific triggers may need to be avoided, such as certain words, situations, and even actions. For example, someone who has experienced sexual abuse perpetrated by a man may need a therapist who identifies as a woman.
    At Villa Oasis, we understand that anyone can be triggered by anything. We’ll take extra precautions to make sure that nothing gets in the way of a person’s journey through recovery. No matter what the case, our therapist will evaluate the situation within the first few sessions to provide an ideal environment for our residents.


    Once a baseline has been established, residents work with one of our therapists to outline a list of goals. This list does not need to be specific and may simply have broad goals for certain amounts of time.
    For example, the first goal may be that they will get to know each other for the first few months. This can allow time for the individual to gauge how comfortable they feel around the therapist. It will be up to the therapist to try and bridge that personality gap in order to best coax the individual out of their shell.
    During this time, our therapist will need to reference the trauma and triggers that the individual had explained when they first met. This does not mean bringing it up. This means they must ensure that even as they coax the individual out of their shell and get them to start talking, they always have their trauma in mind. For those with traumatic backgrounds, even the slightest misstep may lead to backsliding.

    What to expect at Villa Oasis

    If you are someone with trauma in your background that you need to discuss, trauma-informed therapy should put you at ease. The point is to remember that nobody is going to manipulate you into talking until you are ready to talk. Even then, you will do so at your own pace and in the way you want. Your therapist is there to listen, first and foremost; only when you are ready to listen will they give you advice.
    The advice a therapist gives you will often be of a questioning nature. This will allow you to come to your own conclusions about things and make sure that when questions need to be answered that you have come to them on your own. An individual has the right to get there when they are ready. Remember that it is a trauma you went through and something that you, therefore, need to address.

    Find unique healing at Villa Oasis

    At Villa Oasis San Diego, we offer treatment for a variety of issues. Our small group sizes allow you to talk to others with similar problems. We will also prepare you for outpatient counseling and assist you with any dual diagnosis treatment that may be beneficial.

    Our kind and knowledgeable staff will allow you to decompress in a luxury environment where you can address your trauma when you are ready.

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