The Phoenix logo stems from the global symbology of the mythical bird and represents our empathy and compassion for our residents. The phoenix is known to rise from the ashes in the aftermath of fire; it symbolizes rebirth, eternity, and hope. At Villa Oasis, we believe our residents can rise up from the ashes to experience the incredible joy and value of life without mind-altering substances.

San Diego coastline from afar

Beautiful Villa Oasis backyard, view of the pools and garden


An oasis is known as “a green spot in the desert”; it is a place in the desert where there is water, and therefore allows trees and plants to grow. When you step foot on the Villa Oasis property, you realize it stays true to the name. It is a safe, secure, and peaceful place to escape life’s rigors; where sustenance can be found and healing can begin. As we recognize our residents have often experienced a treacherous journey through the desert, we are the oasis of hope for the water seekers that would otherwise die in the desert.


The most important plant that grows in the oasis happens to be the Phoenix dactylifera (more commonly known as a Date Palm tree). It is also referred to as “the tree of life”.

Your rise begins.