At Villa Oasis in San Diego, our therapy programs often involve different modalities that cater to each individual resident. One such evidence-based therapy we use to provide substance abuse treatment is cognitive-behavioral therapy.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is a form of psychotherapy often used in rehabilitation and treatment. Our CBT focuses on the various aspects of your life and brings them all together. Our team will make it our mission to provide you or your loved one with the necessary skills that will be required to make a full and complete journey through recovery.

A therapist and a patient sitting on the couch during a cognitive behavioral therapy session

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    The process of cognitive-behavioral therapy

    At Villa Oasis, we employ cognitive-behavioral therapy after detox, when immediate substance abuse issues have been medically addressed. As the program continues, residents are placed in the care of mental health professionals who will take over the process. Our trained therapists will begin to help you discuss your issues and where you want to be after completing the rehab process.

    At the beginning of each CBT session, an assessment is conducted to see where each resident is in terms of progress, what needs to be worked on, and how best to address their substance abuse issues. Following that, residents begin spending time with their therapist and digging deep into their lives to try and find the point at which addiction began and what led them to their current state.

    At Villa Oasis, we understand that each resident’s experience with cognitive-behavioral therapy will be different. Our team will ceaselessly work to ensure that time spent has a lasting impact on residents and gives them an entirely new outlook on their substance abuse history and their goals moving forward. For us, it is important for our residents to remember that a holistic approach to treatment can teach them more about themselves than any other technique.

    The holistic model

    Our rehab center utilizes a holistic model to help residents through our treatment process. This means it covers the three main parts of their life:

    • Body
    • Mind
    • Spirit
    At Villa Oasis San Diego, we focus on these three areas because each is related to your substance abuse treatment process.


    Regarding the body, the first piece is the detox process. Following that, there are therapies such as yoga, hiking, and even personal training. Each of these activities will help rid each resident’s body of toxins and get them back in the right physical shape.


    When residents focus on their minds, they will utilize individual talk therapy to discuss the issues they are going through and what they mean to their rehab process.


    The spirit element is how residents feel. To address this piece of the puzzle, they utilize therapies such as reiki and sound therapy to calm and center their minds.

    Individual therapy for trauma & mental health disorders

    Along with substance abuse, we at Villa Oasis understand people also go through personal trauma and may also be affected by a diagnosed or undiagnosed mental health disorder. We believe that when someone goes through trauma, whether in childhood or more recently, they need a specific type of individualized guidance.

    When coupled with substance abuse and a mental health disorder, trauma can cause a perfect storm. If left untreated, it may leave a person in a continuous cycle of self-abuse. Individual therapy, such as CBT, will consider all of these issues.

    At Villa Oasis, we consider each resident’s treatment through a holistic lens and allow treatment to evolve with any new information that comes to light. This process shows how all the pieces connect and how they led each person on their path to recovery. If a person is diagnosed with a previously untreated mental health disorder, we may also refer them to a doctor who will prescribe medication to help manage their symptoms.

    Our personalized therapy covers various topics depending on what may be affecting a resident’s personal growth. Often, specific parts of a person’s life are more affected by substance abuse issues than others. In our CBT sessions, our therapist will want to discuss a variety of topics which may include:

    • Substance abuse
    • Diagnosed/undiagnosed mental health disorders
    • Family and relationships
    • Spiritual health
    • Job-related issues
    • Individual worries and issues

    All trained therapists at Villa Oasis can help a resident to break down these different aspects of their life and help them decide what needs to be addressed. It is only through CBT that we can root out each particular issue and help connect them together.

    Cognitive-behavioral therapy at Villa Oasis San Diego

    At Villa Oasis San Diego, we offer an unmatched CBT program that focuses on you as an individual and will help you realize what has been causing your issues and what you can do going forward. We maintain a trained and compassionate staff that gives you a 2:1 ratio, so you will always have assistance when needed.

    Not only is our CBT program going to put you back on the right path, but our luxurious surroundings will put your mind at ease and give you the space to feel relaxed in a calm environment. While we offer small group therapy, there are never more than six individuals involved. This means that you will be heard and will have the opportunity to hear from others going through the same struggles.
    Group therapy plays a vital role in CBT. However, Villa Oasis prides itself in our individual therapy, where you can be sure of confidentiality and be safe, knowing that we are trained to help no matter your situation.
    When you think of Villa Oasis, imagine the personalized luxury that only we can offer you through non-traditional therapies and an environment that is as far from “institutional” as you can get. Your care and comfort are our top priority, and we intend to help you through your difficult time with unparalleled service and guidance.
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    Your rise begins.