Making the decision to seek treatment is brave and can be daunting. Sometimes when you’re struggling with substance abuse, stress, depression, anxiety or any other mental health condition, the effort required to actually get into treatment can seem like an overwhelming experience.
Villa Oasis resident room with 2 beds. 2 teddy bears sit on a bed.
Private physical training rehabilitation at Villa Oasis


We understand that your journey into treatment may seem overwhelming. For this reason, an experienced member of our team is on standby to come and assist you in your journey to Villa Oasis San Diego.


The Villa Oasis treatment plan that has been tailored to suit your needs, goals and practical considerations can begin. We will give you time to settle into your new surroundings before beginning your journey to recovery.
Villa Oasis resident writing in a notebook on her bed
A Villa Oasis resident playing the piano in the common room


While you are with us our knowledgeable, experienced, and caring family will help you free yourself of the troubles that brought you here and give you the knowledge and tools required to live the life you want. Our wholistic approach to rehabilitation has been proven to be an effective treatment method as it has a layered approach. We will maintain an agreed level of aftercare to help you manage after you have returned to normal life.

We will prepare you for life after Villa Oasis.