While group and individual therapy are both effective in treating substance abuse, it is also important to include holistic therapies in a treatment plan. These types of therapy are in place to address the whole person: mind, body, and spirit. By doing this, individuals develop a deeper understanding of themselves and a stronger focus on emotional well-being.

One of the most successful holistic therapies is yoga, and the reasons are numerous. At Villa Oasis San Diego, we find that yoga programs pair well with our addiction treatment, to help round out our resident’s time and reveal to them their paths to lasting wellness.
yoga therapy at villa oasis San Diego

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    What is yoga?

    When people think of yoga, they may think of people bending their bodies into strange shapes. This is the way it has been portrayed in popular culture. While there can be a fair amount of stretching, yoga can offer much more.

    At its most basic, yoga is about self-awareness. People’s views of themselves can change with introspection, and yoga can be a conduit through which to have these revelations.
    Yoga looks at the body and mind as existing through one connected channel. When a person can control their body, the mind can follow. It is a strange contradiction of individuals allowing themselves to think and not think simultaneously.
    There are a few basic tenets of yoga, including the following:


    Yoga is a physical activity. Part of that is taking people who may feel stiff and unbending and showing them how to train their bodies. This does not mean everyone will need to do backbends. What it means is learning the ins and outs of how the body moves and how to get it to move in more intricate ways.


    A core piece of yoga is learning to turn the mind inwards. As they stretch and learn to move their bodies, people are able to pause and think about themselves in the moment. Much like flexibility, this takes training. A person who has become proficient at yoga will find it just as soothing as traditional meditation.

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    With both mindfulness and flexibility happening at the same time, focus becomes a key factor. For people who are distracted and scattered, focus can be the key to the entire process.
    When a person comes to yoga, they often think about the physical aspects and forget about mindfulness. Once they have achieved a level of flexibility, they may have trouble keeping their thoughts in the moment.
    This ability to take the disparate pieces and put them together into one fluid action is all about focus. The ability to concentrate inwards while understanding and flowing with your bodily movements is not easy. That is the entire notion behind yoga. It is about keeping focus even as the physical aspect may become more difficult.


    While physical activity is important, so is proper nutrition. Since yoga is about healing the entire self, overall health is a major cornerstone. Even though yoga is for people of all shapes and sizes, those people will benefit more when they come to the activity at their healthiest.

    That is why a healthy diet can keep a person fit and ready to put their entire being into this beautiful, holistic therapy. Our yoga programs and instructors can give excellent advice about nutrition and the best ways to maintain the body to achieve higher levels of expertise.
    We even have on-site chefs ready to help show and provide our residents with the perfect diets.


    The final and very necessary part of yoga is a willingness to stick with it. For people approaching it for the first time, it may seem intimidating.
    At Villa Oasis, we pair our residents with professional instructors who help them through their holistic experiences. Our instructors will be there when they struggle and when they succeed.
    For people in substance abuse recovery, this resolve is important. When they can learn to push through the tough moments, it will help them do the same in other parts of their lives.
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    What to expect from our yoga program

    When a person enters a substance abuse treatment program, they are admitting they have lost control. This is hard enough to admit to a medical professional, but it can be even harder to admit to oneself. In recovery, that loss of control has a new meaning as people try to heal through individual and group therapy.

    While that healing is taking place, our rehab facility will pull out all the stops to get a person back on the right track. One way is through holistic programs such as yoga. When people get involved in yoga, it becomes clear that its benefits fit perfectly into the recovery process.

    Mindfulness, control over one’s physicality, and a sense of resolve can all help train a person to overcome their previous behaviors. There is something important about relearning your being. A person is made up of body, mind, and spirit. Substance abuse can take these concepts and throw them out of sync. It is important to put things back into perspective. This is where yoga can jump-start this process.

    Find support at Villa Oasis San Diego

    At Villa Oasis San Diego, we provide an array of individual therapy options that will be applied based on your individual situation. It is our goal to make sure you know that there is no cookie-cutter solution to substance abuse treatment.

    Upon your arrival, we will help you complete an assessment of what brought you to us in the first place. Only then will we recommend treatment. To us, you are not just another part of a group. You are in your own situation and should be treated accordingly.
    We are also aware that therapy for substance abuse can be complex. That is why we offer a luxury rehab experience so that you are not overwhelmed as you would be in a larger facility. Our staff-to-resident ratio means that you always have someone ready to assist you.
    When you are a guest of Villa Oasis San Diego, you will be given a one-of-a-kind experience. Our relaxing atmosphere will put you at ease and remove all the added stress of a typical rehab. We want you to know that our top priorities are your comfort, mental health, and well-being.
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    Your rise begins.