For people dependent on alcohol, the concept of treatment and recovery can seem insurmountable. This idea of having that security taken away often meets with resistance and fear. However, the Villa Oasis San Diego program can help people learn resistance and coping skills to succeed.
Our luxury San Diego drug and alcohol treatment is specifically tailored to make sure all of our residents have a premier experience. We want your journey to wellness to be comfortable and last a lifetime.
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    What is alcohol abuse (alcohol dependence)?

    When someone has an alcohol dependence, they consume far more alcohol than is healthy for them. This typically means three to four drinks every day. However, any consistent drinking may be considered a gateway to alcoholism.
    People who abuse alcohol often do so as part of a co-occurring disorder. This means that they drink in an effort to deal with an existing mental health disorder. Unfortunately, due to this secondary issue, they may not realize the full extent of their alcohol dependence.
    When someone is diagnosed with a co-occurring disorder, they often require additional treatment. Common co-occurring disorders that exist alongside alcohol dependence include:
    • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
    • Depressive disorders
    • Anxiety-related disorders
    • Bipolar disorder
    These are only a handful of conditions that can create an even deeper level of alcohol dependence. When they are not dealt with, the problem will only be exacerbated.

    Symptoms of alcohol abuse

    There are quite a number of symptoms of alcohol abuse, including the following:
    • Blackouts
    • Memory loss
    • Mood swings
    • Irritability
    • Change in personality
    • Isolation or withdrawal
    • Depression/anxiety
    When people begin to exhibit these signs, they may not associate them with alcohol dependence and abuse. However, it is essential for the people around them to speak up if they see these signs. It may be a hard truth for them to hear, but it is important for them to recognize that they may have a problem.
    One of the main things to remember is that people with substance abuse issues will often begin by making excuses. There is a level of self-preservation that is often tied to fear of being “found out.”
    The other issue is that there is often some type of unaddressed underlying trauma. This may not be understood by loved ones. They may only see the symptoms. However, for people who have trauma in their background, it may make it even harder to address their current situation.
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    Alcohol treatment at Villa Oasis San Diego

    At Villa Oasis San Diego, our staff are experts in dealing with alcohol abuse and dependence. We have a variety of ways to assist our residents and make them feel heard and taken care of.
    Each person who comes to Villa Oasis San Diego for help will receive a full assessment that will then lead to a detailed care plan for their time with us. Part of this will include the following pieces.


    The first step to dealing with alcohol dependence is detox. This is often one of the most painful but necessary pieces of the treatment process. During detox, the individual will go “cold turkey” and be denied all forms of alcohol.
    As a person goes through detox, they may experience the following issues:
    • Trouble sleeping
    • Shakiness
    • Irritability
    • Anxiety and depression
    • Restlessness
    • Nausea and sweating
    Over time, alcohol changes a person’s brain chemistry. This means that when someone stops drinking alcohol after consistent use, they will need time to adjust. Also, the further they are into their dependence, the more severe their detox will be.
    However, the ray of hope is that these symptoms are temporary, and there are forms of medication-assisted treatment (MAT) that can be employed to help with some of the more intense side effects.


    People who receive a dual diagnosis often require a more in-depth look at their previous trauma. This often requires an outside source to help coax emotions and truth.
    At Villa Oasis San Diego, we have medical professionals on staff who can begin pointing people in the right direction. This treatment option is often just the beginning and will provide the building blocks to continue psychotherapy into the outpatient stages of recovery.

    Group Therapy

    One of the most tried and true methods of dealing with alcohol abuse and dependence is group therapy. In this setting, a medical professional will mediate discussions about the resident’s shared alcohol issues. At Villa Oasis San Diego, these groups never exceed six people.
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    12-Step Informed Therapy

    This type of therapy is for people who benefit from this more traditional way of looking at alcohol treatment. In this form of treatment, people will be ushered through the Twelve Steps that are utilized in programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous.

    Dual Diagnosis Treatment

    Dual diagnosis is when mental health issues and substance abuse problems overlap. If a person does have a dial diagnosis, we will help create a specific care plan to address both sides of a person’s issue.

    Other Treatment Services We Offer

    At Villa Oasis San Diego, we pride ourselves in matching the right type of treatment to each of our residents. Some of the other services we offer include:
    • MAT
    • Acceptance and commitment therapy
    • Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT)
    • Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT)

    Start your path to recovery at Villa Oasis

    Villa Oasis San Diego, is prepared to offer as much help for as long as it takes to get a person back on their feet. Alcohol dependence is not something that people simply get over. It is a lifelong struggle that takes time and effort to keep at bay.
    Our goal is to put people on the path to healing and provide a deeper knowledge of themselves and their condition. Alcohol dependence is a manageable condition, and we intend to show our residents how to do just that.
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    Your rise begins.