Group therapy has been one of the most widely used forms of treatment for decades. When it comes to substance abuse treatment, it is utilized just as much, if not more, than individualized therapy.

At Villa Oasis San Diego, we utilize the most cutting-edge, evidence-based treatment. When you stay with us, it is essential that you are treated using up-to-date techniques. We also want to make sure that they are administered by trained medical professionals.
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    Benefits of group therapy

    One thing that comes up repeatedly is that people who fall into substance abuse often face isolation. This is due to their inability to maintain healthy relationships with family and friends. These people may have issues with the individual if they believe they are hurting themselves through their substance abuse.
    In many cases, the person will find themselves in a quandary. They may be willing to accept they have a problem, but they also do not want to lose those around them. Unfortunately, substance abuse often wins. This leads the individual to distance themselves from those they deem judgmental, which pushes them further into substance abuse.
    Group therapy amends this issue by providing those in recovery with a support system and connections that are vital for healing. Villa Oasis helps nurture bonds so that friendships at the treatment center can last a lifetime.

    What group therapy can treat

    Because of its ability to connect people who are on their paths to recovery, group therapy is great for individuals recovering from substance abuse or suffering from mental health issues. At Villa Oasis, we use group therapy alongside our standard addiction treatments, like our detox and residential programs in San Diego.

    After admitting your issues and completing detox, you will be ready to start the healing process. However, none of our substance abuse problems exist in a vacuum. There are quite literally millions of people with the same problems as you. One of the best ways to combat your own problems is to meet others in the same boat.
    In group therapy, a medical professional will facilitate the conversation. It is their job to help you express yourself and to open your mind to the plight of others like you. We often want to believe that we are so singular that there is nobody like us. It can be very humanizing and cathartic to realize that not only are there others like us, but that they are also just as human as we are.
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    What to expect at Villa Oasis San Diego

    At Villa Oasis San Diego, we follow a singular model not offered in almost any other facility. In our program, you will never be with more than eight other people. This means that you truly get the small group experience. It is our theory that any larger group is essentially a seminar. That is not how our program works.

    With our luxurious surroundings and focus on individualized care, it can seem counterintuitive to some that we utilize this social model. However, we understand just how important it can be for treatment. Our group therapy also takes place in a comfortable environment where only the best amenities surround you. This allows you to leave worry at our doorstep and take the time to come to terms with your issues.
    When you come to us, we will only utilize programs we know will help you on your journey to better mental health and sobriety. Group therapy is an integral part of the program. We believe it will foster positive emotions and camaraderie with the other individuals in the program. The goal is to realize your potential through conversation and shared experience.
    If you have never participated in group therapy before, there is no reason to be nervous. Remember that you are with like-minded people who are pulling for you just as much as you are pulling for them. Learning to work together and understand yourself through the eyes of others recovering from substance abuse issues can be beneficial. We are also proud to have a dedicated staff with extensive medical backgrounds to guide you.

    Your life at the Villa

    When a program like ours offers such high-end care in such small groups, it is crucial to employ the right people. At Villa Oasis San Diego, we are proud to have a group of counselors who come to us with experience and knowledge.
    Our counselors are trained to learn about you and your individual case before you enter the group setting. This means more time for you and your fellow residents to focus on each other. When your counselors know you, they can moderate and coax responses in a personal, caring way. Unlike some programs where you are simply a name on a piece of paper, we see a whole person.
    Our group sizes are small enough that everyone can be on a first-name basis, and the counselors are there before, during, and after the group. This means personalized follow-ups and less time trying to get their attention. During the course of your day, you can take them aside, ask them questions, and confide in them. Knowing that you are not just another face will feel like a breath of fresh air. You are a mind, body, and spirit just looking to be healed.

    Find support at Villa Oasis San Diego

    Villa Oasis San Diego understands that you are coming to us at a time when you are at your most vulnerable. We also know that you need a relaxed, calm environment to focus on yourself and where trained professionals can focus on you. Although we speak highly of our luxury environment, it is also important to remember the main reason you are with us.
    Our staff will ensure that when you are ready to commit to your best self, we will be here to give you the boost you need. Once you have been through our program, you will understand who you are, the amazing light you bring to the world, and why your health and well-being are important. We will ensure that you realize your full potential and do everything we can to get you back on top.
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    Your rise begins.