When people discuss holistic therapies, they mean any therapy that does not fall under the umbrella of cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). This means that they are considered tangential to the core rehabilitation process. However, it has been shown that these types of therapy can be quite beneficial.
At Villa Oasis San Diego, we believe in the healing power of art. Residents who wish to express their creativity on their journey to wellness can participate in our expressive art therapy program, where they will learn to connect with their inner artists.
Expressive Art Therapy at Villa Oasis San Diego: paint palette and paint brushes sit on a wooden table with paint on it

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    Art therapy vs. traditional therapy

    Traditional therapy follows a very specific path:
    1. An individual enters a detox program
    2. Following detox, they move on to intense inpatient rehabilitation
    3. During rehabilitation, they engage in group therapy
    4. Also, during rehabilitation, they engage in individual therapy
    5. Following inpatient rehabilitation, they move to outpatient
    These are the typical, traditional five steps that move a person from substance abuse to living a sober lifestyle. Although these steps are essential, a great detox and rehab facility will also offer holistic therapies.

    The importance of holistic therapies

    Many people don’t think about the various benefits of holistic therapies. These therapies allow people to express themselves in ways they usually can’t in traditional therapy. With all the benefits that holistic therapies can bring, it is essential that people with substance abuse get the chance to utilize them.
    For many, holistic therapies can be a wonderful partnership alongside traditional CBT. While there are a number of holistic therapies, each has its own benefit. Some holistic therapies offered at Villa Oasis San Diego include:
    • Sound bowl therapy
    • Reiki healing
    • Hike therapy
    • Yoga
    • Personal training
    • Expressive art therapy
    A woman sits by the beach painting on the ground

    The benefits of expressive art therapy

    Among the various forms of holistic therapy, one of the most transformative is art therapy. Even for people who have never picked up a brush or pen, the art of expression is beyond therapy.
    Great rehab facilities provide art therapy to allow people to take the pain and joy inside them and create a visual medium. The ability to take an emotion and put it in colors and lines of your own creation can mean something significant. Art has always been described as subjective. Nowhere is this more important than in art therapy.

    Why you should consider art therapy

    What is there to reveal that cannot be revealed in therapy? For some people, the answer is that when therapy is done properly and over time, there is no other necessary piece. This could not be further from the truth.
    Many therapists have been expressing their appreciation for art therapy for quite a long time. There are emotions that cannot be expressed by simply talking about them. They bubble up inside us in a way that has no words and no verbal expression.
    However, if someone is given a blank canvas of pure white with no rules and no expectations, a world can open up. It is one of the reasons we have learned that so many of the most famous and creative thinkers have had some deep-seated personal issues. Expressive art was their way of showing themselves and the world just what kinds of things lived beneath their skin and within their spirits.
    Painting and drawing are not the only types of expressive therapy. Others include:
    • Pottery
    • Sculpting
    • Origami
    • Collaging
    • Doodling
    • Photography
    Each of these has its own appeal to different people. In many cases, finding what works for a specific individual can significantly affect how they learn to express themselves.

    What to expect in San Diego

    There is no doubt that art therapy is an amazing tool for people recovering from substance abuse. The trauma that led to addiction and the challenges of getting through detox and rehab can be overwhelming.
    With art therapy, there is no limit to expression. There is something about being told that the rules are no longer in play and that all you need to do is be. In some ways, it is similar to meditation, but instead of that focus remaining inwards, it now builds itself visually.

    The best pieces of expressive art therapy are the ones that come from a place nobody expects. People recovering from substance abuse have had many rules and regulations to follow that they may feel uncomfortable being told to express themselves. Consider an animal locked in a cage and suddenly placed in a beautiful open field. There will be confusion and fear. However, both of those will eventually disappear as they realize that freedom is real and they are allowed to enjoy it.

    For those still skeptical of this type of expression, there are pieces you may not have considered. At Villa Oasis San Diego, you will be participating in various therapies in a beautiful setting. With no more than six individuals in a welcoming environment, our caring staff will make you feel right at home. It is the perfect place for self-expression.

    Participate in art therapy at Villa Oasis San Diego

    At Villa Oasis San Diego, we provide a much-needed luxury detox and rehab program. As part of the luxury experience, you can be sure that you will have an amazing, individualized program mapped out for you. Part of that will include expressive art therapy.
    Our staff will provide you with all the materials you need to feel comfortable turning your feelings and emotions into art. The tranquil surroundings and 24-hour services will put you at ease the moment you walk through our doors. With our art therapy classes, you will find that free expression is worth the time. It may even open new doors to talents you may never have thought to pursue.
    We want you to feel comfortable, taken care of, and free to receive care in the most luxurious surroundings possible. Our staff will help you with all forms of mindfulness to reinvigorate your mind, body, and spirit. Part of that will be through expressive art therapy. You will walk away from our program with a newfound sense of self due to the tireless efforts of our caring and certified staff. Visit us and see what a luxury rehab experience can do for you.
    Villa Oasis expressive art therapy session: Villa Oasis residents sit together at a table painting

    Your rise begins.