Studies show that around 8.1% of Americans need or receive treatment for substance use disorders. The major drug concerns in San Diego are opioids and street narcotics.

Drug rehabilitation centers help people fight their addiction through medical detox, counseling, therapy, and aftercare support. Treatment settings and actions are often tailored to patients’ specific needs during treatment.

Villa Oasis is proud of our San Diego drug rehab center, where we can offer our upscale and luxury residential treatment program to help those in recovery on their path to healing. Our inpatient treatment center combines traditional evidence-based therapies with holistic treatment options so that each peron’s stay is unique and beneficial.

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Our facility is equip to handle addictions to alcohol, from detox to residential treatment. We provide those recovering from alcoholism with luxury care.

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Cocaine is a common, dangerous substance that our facilities are more than equip to handle. Our cocaine addiction treatment program can help you or a loved one recover from this addiction.

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Heroin is a dangerous substance that can cause serious addiction issues. At Villa Oasis, we provide heroin treatment to help people recovery from this debilitating disorder.

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Meth is a common substance that affects millions of people each year. Learn how we handle meth addiction treatment at our private facilities.

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Stimulants are a deceivingly dangerous substance that affects many people in the United States. Learn about how we treat stimulant addiction at Villa Oasis.

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Benzodiazepines are one of two drugs that can be fatal without a proper detox. We’re able to help you or a loved one detox safely during our benzodiazepine addiction treatment program.

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Fentanyl is a medically-used substance that can be addictive on its own if taken in larger quantities or outside of a prescription. Learn how we treat fentanyl addiction.

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Marijuana is a common drug that often is used in conjunction with other substances. Villa Oasis offers treatment for marijuana addiction and other substances.

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Opioids are highly-addictive and highly-dangerous. Our opioid treatment program is one of the best in California.

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Our facility is able to handle substance abuse issues for all types of drugs. We believe in an individual approach to substance abuse treatment, and our professional staff aims to make each resident’s journey to recovery lasting and unique.

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    What is addiction use disorder?

    Substance use disorder is a synonym for addiction. Addiction is an illness that affects the brain and overall behavior in an individual, making them very dependent on the drug. Addiction is severe such that the addicts cannot function normally without the drugs. They will continue to take the drugs regardless of the harm associated with them in the long term.

    Substance use disorder may still occur whether a substance is socially accepted, legal, or medically approved. Recreational drug use can lead to drug dependence in individuals who engage in frequent and consistent drug use. Addiction mostly begins with exposure from either a friend or relative using the substance.

    Villa Oasis knows on a personal level how dangerous substances can be and our San Diego drug rehab center is dedicated to helping those struggling with the repercussions of addiction.

    Addiction varies by drug. Opioids, for example, have a huge addiction rate compared to other drugs. Additionally, opioids have severe consequences on an individual compared to other drugs. In this regard, discouraging its use is highly recommended, as it saves the individuals great misery in the future.

    The more one uses a drug, the more they feel they need it in higher amounts to achieve the pleasurable effect. Unfortunately, the more drugs an individual consumes, the higher the risk of addiction.

    As drug consumption increases, abstaining becomes increasingly tricky. Stopping drug use suddenly leads to serious physical and psychological consequences. Some are life-threatening, which, if not addressed, immediately can kill the individual.

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    How to prevent addiction use disorder?

    Is it possible to prevent drug addiction completely? Anything is conceivable, but if one is genetically inclined to addiction, their chances of becoming addicted are high. If substance abuse appears in their family line, they are at high risk.

    Through education, society can prevent drug addiction. Enlightening young people about the dangers of drug and substance abuse promotes a drug-free society. Programs for drug abuse prevention are efficient when they are comprehensive. These programs must address the community’s needs, involve all relevant stakeholders, and are founded on scientific research.

    Evidence-based family skills training programs are the most effective strategy to prevent substance abuse in children and adolescents. In addition, workplace policies against substance use contribute greatly to preventing substance disorders.

    Signs of addiction use disorder

    Drug and substance abuse affects psychological and physiological processes in the body. Physical and behavioral changes are among the most visible signs of drug and substance abuse. There are a few indicators that someone is using or abusing drugs. These indicators include:

    • Changes in appearance
    • Bloodshot eyes
    • Glazed eyes
    • Personality change
    • Slurred speech
    • Lack of personal hygeine
    • Tremors
    • Urgent need for money

    Encouraging the individual to undergo rehabilitation is highly recommended to prevent worsening the conditions.

    Recognizing the harmful & addictive use of substances in the family

    Sometimes it is difficult to distinguish between usual teenage mood-swings or anxiety and addiction use disorder. Possible signs that a child or another family member is on drugs or other prohibited substances include:

    • They start having problems in school or work. These problems include absenteeism, a sudden loss of interest in their favorite activities or employment, or poor performance in school.
    • They might develop physical health difficulties. These may include lack of energy and motivation, weight loss, stunted growth or an underlying health problem.
    • Neglected appearance: They might become insensitive to their hygiene, grooming, or appearance.
    • They change their personality, especially behavior.
    • They develop an urgent need for money. You may notice unexpected requests for money without a plausible explanation. Or finding that money is missing or stolen or that objects have vanished from your home. They usually sell items they steal to fund their drug use.
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    When is it time to consider treatment?

    Dealing with drug and substance abuse at its onset is the best strategy. Preventing drug addiction is better than curing it. Curing drug addiction is tough, costly, and cumbersome.

    Here are some indicators that show an individual needs treatment:

    • They have an extremely high tolerance to the drug.
    • They need medication to manage tension or anxiety.
    • They have lost interest in the things they formerly cherished or enjoyed.
    • Their mental or physical health is deteriorating.
    • They undergo distinct mood shifts.
    • Their withdrawal symptoms induce a desire to use drugs again.
    • Their significant relationships are adversely affected, especially in marriages and their association with their children.
    • They are untruthful regarding their substance misuse and financial issues.
    • They have attempted to quit on their own but are unable to.

    How to help someone going through addiction

    It is tough to assist a person battling drug and substance addiction. Always consider that it is hard to control a person’s substance use or force them to stop. This is especially true if they are addicts.

    The best way to help them is to provide them with psychosocial support. This can be done by encouraging them to seek treatment or visit a self-help meeting. If your friend or family member worries that treatment will not be effective, reassure them.

    Rehab treatment to help individuals quit drug and substance abuse is effective. Point out that the treatment is required to heal brain damage caused by and be worsened by compulsive and recurrent substance use.

    Treatment options

    There are numerous effective ways to treat drug addiction, such as:

    • Behavioral counseling
    • Medications
    • Medical equipment and applications used to relieve withdrawal symptoms or teach skills
    • Therapy for concurrent mental health conditions, such as depression and anxiety
    • Prevention of relapse through follow up
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    Addiction treatment in San Diego, CA with Villa Oasis

    Villa Oasis San Diego is a drug and alcohol addiction treatment center that offers individualized, holistic programs. These programs aid in long-term recovery from alcohol or drug abuse. Our objective is to address substance dependence and the mental and emotional reasons for addiction.

    If you are suffering from substance use disorder, our staff is qualified to assist you. Several members have been in your position and recovered. We use trusted techniques as a part of our substance abuse treatment program.

    Contact us for any inquiries on drug and substance addiction treatment programs.

    Your rise begins.