12-Step informed facilitation(TSF) is a set of therapies that have been explicitly designed to help people with substance abuse issues. The goal of TSF is to encourage those with substance abuse issues to participate in community-based 12-Step mutual-health programs.

At Villa Oasis in San Diego, we’re committed to seeing our residents through 12-Step informed recovery. Our team works with members of the 12-Step community to help residents find a new balance in their lives.

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    With so many different types of therapy and ways of dealing with substance abuse, one of the most well-known is 12-Step programs. The original model for these programs was created by Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). However, many different 12-Step programs have been created since. Twelve Step Facilitation (or TSF) can assist individuals in preparing for working the Twelve Steps and help them find and navigate the right program in which they decide to participate.

    While 12-Step programs have been shown to be effective in treating alcohol dependence, they have also shown promise with other types of substance abuse and dual-diagnosis treatment. This type of treatment has been approved as an evidence-based practice and a program with considerable appeal to those seeking to rid themselves of the burden of substance abuse.
    For some people, the concept of a 12-Step program can seem daunting or simply unappealing. That is why informed facilitation exists. With so much data backing the traditional 12-Step model, many people can benefit whether they realize it or not. Some rehabilitation centers incorporate 12-Step programs into their strategy as a way to help guide individuals seamlessly from treatment to society.

    The goal of 12-step informed facilitation

    When you have a substance abuse problem, you may find that different therapies are not working for you. Or, you may find that you need extra help in staying sober. When this occurs, a clinical provider may suggest a 12-Step program.

    Due to various factors, you may feel that a 12-Step approach to alcohol rehab sounds corny and silly, or that it won’t be the right fit. However, your doctor may be suggesting the program because of how effective it can be.

    Informed facilitation is there to help you. Remember that you are going through a time when you need to trust your doctor and other mental health and substance abuse professionals. These people have your best interests in mind and are looking for the most effective ways to get you through the rehabilitation process.

    In many cases, you have already gone through medical detox and may even be through a formal rehabilitation process. Regardless of where you are in your journey, it is crucial to remember how your medical team functions within your safety network.

    Your team will utilize informed facilitation to remind you of the following benefits of a 12-Step program:
    • Participation in a 12-Step program is proven to help sustain recovery
    • Abstinence is pivotal to recovery
    • Emotional growth is critical to recovery
    • Mutual-help organizations provide added sustainability to your safety network
    All of this is to say that the benefits of a 12-Step program far outweigh the problems you may face without one. When your doctor or other medical professional informs you of these benefits, it is imperative that you listen and consider all factors that they put before you.

    Whole-person approach

    All rehabilitation programs at Villa Oasis, including our San Diego alcohol rehab service, aim to address the many facets of substance abuse, including:

    • Social
    • Medical
    • Emotional
    • Spiritual
    When dealt with separately, we often see some growth potential in the recovery process. However, all four factors must be addressed for a full and sustained recovery.

    Our 12-Step programs seek to take what you have learned through traditional rehab and therapy and build on them in a mutual-help environment. For many people struggling with substance abuse, the concept of community can be very important.

    Individual therapy is effective in its own right. You can cover quite a bit of ground with a thought-out, personalized care plan that aims to address your specific problems. However, individuals with substance abuse problems do not exist in a vacuum.

    After engaging in a closed-loop rehab process, you will need to rejoin society and often enter a familiar community where you are now a different person. Unlike being in a treatment facility, being outside has many risks and temptations that can be frightening and alluring. When facilitated by our medical professionals, this transition can be aided effectively by a 12-Step program.

    How does Villa Oasis help?

    At Villa Oasis San Diego, we provide TSF to those who need it. Our goal is to put you on the right path by integrating the principles of 12-Step programs throughout the day during our daily groups. In the evening, our residents attend a variety of support meetings, including AA and Narcotics Anonymous (NA), where they mingle with others who have shared similar experiences.
    We offer these groups in a place with the amenities and environment to cultivate a safe and comfortable experience for you. When it comes to our therapies, you can rest assured that your surroundings will be warm and inviting. In this way, our amiable team invites every resident to become part of our family.

    The programs we offer, including TSF, are not just for substance abuse. We provide care for those with dual diagnoses and believe that a holistic approach to substance abuse and mental health issues can create a core program that gives you a better chance of abstaining as you progress.

    Thanks to our cap of six residents at any given time, group therapy never feels like a seminar but rather a shared experience where you can create bonds with each other and benefit from the stories of those going through the same issues. Each person is important to us, and we can work together to create an open, caring, and ultimately healing environment.
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