Where Do You Find Yourself After Treatment?

Where Do You Find Yourself After Treatment?

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    The next steps after treatment can be a scary thing to consider. Even those first steps out the door can feel daunting. Walking back out into a world that feels less familiar than ever is not something you have to do. You can plan ahead instead. 

    Many do not know what to expect on the outside after leaving treatment. As a result, they find themselves lost, depressed, and even approaching relapse. In attending treatment you find a safe space. However, when you leave that space that has helped you develop tools and structure to venture back into everyday life, you must find yourself to find your way.

    Villa Oasis prepares you for leaving treatment and figuring out what direction you want to go in, as it can be intimidating. We offer ways to help you develop a plan to achieve your goals. Some of these ways include aftercare programs, community services, and ways to continue to learn about yourself and discover your true passions. 

    Establishing a Plan for Life After Treatment

    What does your plan look like? Maybe you have some new sober friends you can spend time with and keep each other accountable. What about taking up a hobby? You will need to find new hobbies to replace the action of using while in active addiction.

    Are you thinking of going back to school? That is a good option as it will keep you busy. Idle time is not healthy or conducive to maintaining your new lifestyle. Even if you choose to stay connected to your treatment program and have somewhere to visit when you get bored or lonely, it’s a plan. 

    Whatever your plan is, be sure it consists of tools to truly learn how to find yourself in recovery. As you are now sober and free of the toxins that were poisoning your life, everything, in some way, is different. 

    Seeing and Accepting the New You

    You are different. The person who first walked into treatment is a different person than you are now. You have learned so much about life and yourself. As a result, you have grown even if you do not fully see it. Believe it or not, others can notice a change in you before you do. 

    Empty time and boredom will come. Knowing how to seize the moment and change the energy is not something to fear. Having a sense of direction that inspires you is key. Find out what this new you actually like. Getting to know you is what it is all about. Doing the work to love yourself and accepting the importance of self-care is essential. Being open to your colorful world of emotions and learning to manage them is the first step to finding you.

    You don’t have to make these self-discoveries on your own. This is why Villa Oasis provides ways for you to get involved with fortifying your recovery journey. Sobriety is a life change and a life-long journey of maintenance. Anything that requires maintenance requires tools. 

    Tools such as meetings, therapy, support groups, community services, and a plethora of others are available. They can be what stands between you and relapse or fully falling back into addiction. You do not want to put yourself in a position where the only thing standing between you and picking up is a bad feeling and choice. Build up your sober armor and prepare for a healthier path forward.

    Sticking To Your Plans for Life After Treatment

    There will be times when you find yourself searching for a way out of bad feelings or negative thinking. It is simply inevitable. Just because you get sober does not mean that life’s setup also changes.

    Although you have changed for the better, the world that you abandoned still exists. Life is still going to consist of challenges and hard times. You have to be equipped with the necessary tools to combat those moments. Also, you can’t just have the tools. You have to pick them up and use them every time.

    This can be much easier said than done, especially in times of mourning or a great loss. However, you have to consider the fact that using again is not going to change the pain that you feel. Ultimately, it will only make it worse.

    Using Your Tools to Find Yourself

    In using the tools, you will find yourself. You will start to see yourself differently when you handle change and negatives in a new positive way. Show yourself grace. That is another vital tool in recovery. 

    Every day will not be a successful day of utilizing your tools. However, even on those days, you get to see inside yourself a little more than you had the day before. Don’t beat yourself up. This is all new to you, almost like a baby who is transitioning from crawling to walking. This is your time of transition and self-reflection. Pushing through the growing pains is how you will find yourself.

    Leaving any form of safety to return to a place or environment that may not be as safe can be terrifying. This is a feeling that many people experience when leaving treatment. In sessions and groups, you had the safety and security of accountability, structure, and community. Outside of treatment, you will have to establish and find these necessities on your own. Not knowing where to start can be detrimental to the work you have done. Instead of going back out into a world you are unsure how to navigate, have a plan for life after treatment. Villa Oasis can help you with the tools necessary to do so. For help, call us at (323) 739-8673.

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