Are 30 Days Enough to Achieve Sobriety?

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    You might wonder how long it takes to achieve sobriety. The answer depends on a wide range of factors. However, for many people, 30-day programs provide effective treatment for substance use disorder (SUD). Essential aftercare services will ensure you maintain the sobriety you achieved in treatment. 

    According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), “The best outcomes from treatment of substance use disorders have been seen in clients who participate in continuing care, such as . . . Alcoholics Anonymous-style support programs.” Villa Oasis San Diego offers aftercare planning and other services to ensure clients continue to receive support during their ongoing recovery. 

    Treatment Focuses on Building a Healthy Future

    The treatment offered at our facility doesn’t focus solely on managing symptoms of SUD. Instead, it provides a holistic approach to healing that encourages personal growth and positive lifestyle changes. If you try to overcome SUD without changing yourself and how you relate to the world, you may fall back into old habits to cope with stressors when you transition out of treatment. 

    However, rehabilitation can help you find a healthier path forward. Often, this means accepting your circumstances and working hard to improve your self-awareness and address underlying issues like trauma. 

    Rehabilitation programs like the ones at Villa Oasis San Diego can help you build a healthier future by providing the following: 

    • Life skill development
    • Essential coping techniques 
    • Relapse prevention strategies
    • Case management
    • Aftercare planning 
    • Individual and group therapy 
    • Nutrition education 

    Programs that last 30 days offer comprehensive and personalized treatment plans to ensure you have access to the resources and tools you need to keep moving forward on your recovery journey.

    Professional Addiction Treatment and Long-Term Sobriety 

    Addiction treatment often requires multiple levels of care to ensure the best possible outcome. However, the initial 30 days provide enough time to help clients achieve sobriety by doing the following: 

    • Ensuring clients feel comfortable in their sobriety 
    • Connecting clients to resources within and outside the program 
    • Providing essential tools like coping skills 

    Long-term sobriety is only possible if you make lasting changes to how you think and behave. Our 30-day program introduces new ideas and perspectives that alter how you think and behave. 

    Villa Oasis San Diego can help you take that first step toward creating healthier routines by giving you the tools you need to identify problem areas and find a solution. Shorter rehabilitation programs focus on finding the best way to move forward for each individual. 

    How 30-Day Programs Affect Sobriety 

    Most 30-day programs use a variety of methods to help you achieve sobriety. In many cases, people go through detox and withdrawal before an intense and comprehensive period of guided self-growth. 

    At Villa Oasis San Diego, we help you address underlying issues that might have interfered with previous attempts to achieve sobriety. You will feel confident about your ability to use the tools you learn in therapy. Our dedicated care team collaborates with each client to ensure they receive all the support they need to heal. 

    Programs that last three to five weeks provide people with the following: 

    • A solid foundation for aftercare 
    • Increased self-awareness and self-efficacy
    • Referrals to lower levels of care or community-based resources after the program ends

    Who Benefits Most From 30-Day Programs? 

    The people who benefit most from 30-day programs have the following: 

    • A safe home environment or sober living community
    • Willingness to actively participate in the recovery process and make difficult changes 
    • A strong support system
    • Positive connections with sober peers and social groups 
    • Motivation to follow through with the things learned in rehabilitation 

    If you feel confident in your support system, you may benefit from a 30-day program. During that time, you will focus on healing and finding ways to motivate your recovery. 

    Personalized Treatment Supports Long-Term Sobriety 

    Everyone responds differently to the side effects of SUD and the various forms of therapy used in treatment. Your unique recovery journey may involve a wide range of different therapies and services over the course of several weeks. 

    Personalized treatment is essential regardless of how long you attend a program. According to SAMHSA, “While each individual in treatment will have specific long- and short-term goals, all specialized substance abuse treatment programshave three similar generalized goals,” including:

    1. Achieving sobriety 
    2. Improve overall quality of life and functionality 
    3. Relapse prevention 

    Use Your Local Resources 

    Villa Oasis San Diego provides information and referrals to various programs and recovery support services. Many can help people successfully transition from structured treatment to independent sobriety. 

    Local resources ensure you remain connected to the following: 

    • Sober peers 
    • Self-help groups 
    • Sponsors or mentors 
    • Advocacy groups 
    • Aftercare support 
    • Therapy 
    • Medical support and prescription medications, if necessary 

    At Villa Oasis San Diego, you will have access to sober groups and individuals who share your beliefs and interests. We can guide you through the process of locating and taking advantage of resources in your area.

    Some people worry that 30 days will not be enough time to help them achieve sobriety and avoid relapse. However, many people successfully use 30-day rehabilitation programs to recover from the effects of substance use disorder.

    These programs provide essential tools that ensure you feel physically and emotionally stable before transitioning to lower levels of care or aftercare. Villa Oasis San Diego prioritizes personalized treatment. We believe that wellness starts with a holistic approach that addresses the person as a whole.

    We can provide you with the resources and skills you need to maintain your sobriety long-term. To learn more about our treatment program and the many services we offer, call us today at (619) 373-9792.

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