What to Expect in the First 30 Days of Treatment

Written by: Lynn Finnell, LMFT, LAADC | Reviewed by: Christian Small, MD

What to Expect in the First 30 Days of Treatment

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    We know treatment is scary and intimidating, as it is like walking through the looking glass to be someone you might not want to be. You’re going to experience some of the worst days of your natural living life within the first 30 days of treatment. You will have to cope with reactions to withdrawals.

    Every resident who begins to think about treatment in any form experiences some level of anxiety and stress, but that’s okay. It’s a normal human reaction, and you’re not beyond that. If you are experiencing intensified emotional conflict, learning what to expect within the first 30 days of treatment is an excellent first step towards having a human experience during recovery. Since you’re reading this, you’re ahead of the game.

    Detox With Discomfort and Endure

    All right, straight up, the first 30 days of treatment are necessary to remind you why you’re quitting these habits and experiencing discomforts. It is something you may have never encountered. So it should be frightening, and it is frightening for almost every resident, regardless of what you’ve heard. When you eliminate toxins from your body, it will perform poorly. Your body has to balance itself. Fortunately, to ease your fears of withdrawals symptoms of withdrawals, we offer you a team including multiple treatment options.

    We understand you are the one who has to endure the detox phase, so creating tenacity is vital to your transition. Villa Oasis has established a culture of warmth and authenticity dedicated to you, your loved ones, and your goals, unless you’ve run everyone off, then simply to you.

    The Beginning of Treatment

    At the beginning of your first 30 days of treatment, you’re going to undergo an initial exam. We are to talk about you and about the substances you use, why you chose to use those. We are going to need some medical history. This information lets us know what treatment options best suit your needs. It doesn’t need to be said, but we will not subjugate you to any form of discrimination or judgment. We all got problems and challenges; we are just in the position to help you resolve yours faster.

    Creating a Plan

    Your unique experience of substance use may differ from the next, and your recovery plan requires it to be authentic for you. There is no use in comparing treatment plans with another resident. After the initial discussion, you will embark on the magical journey of detoxification. This part may be the most frightening for you, as you may have never done this before. You will have to go through withdrawal symptoms and deal with triggers. Luckily, this is the entire premise for society today.

    Fortunately, you will have full medical supervision during this period. Treatment will help ease your withdrawals. Not every facility will offer detox services, so you may find yourself in another detox facility and then transitioning into a residential or outpatient center. You can go ahead and consider this an amazing adventure. Warning, the detox process can be different with you versus someone else. Some detoxing can last for 1 to 3 days, while others may last longer. Here’s the wishing. May you be one of the fortunate.

    Continual and Active Treatment

    After progressing through the detox phase, you can expect to undergo different approaches for continual treatment. Again you should expect this. Many residents will choose residential or outpatient treatment options to have a higher chance of recovery success. It all depends on your needs and progress to make a productive and sober lifestyle. Since you’ve made it this far, don’t mess it up.

    This part of the treatment process can last anywhere from 30 to 90 days and sometimes longer. You will be surrounded by a transitional environment where you can address emotional concerns and focus on your whole-body healing. One day you may find yourself doing yoga, or you may experience expressive art therapy, and that’s before you head off to your personal chef for lunch. You might even like a person or two and make new friends. We all need that.

    How You Can Begin Your First 30 Days

    Do you want to start your first 30 days? Contact us. We just did all the hard work for you.

    We’re going to find an efficient and effective way to identify the root causes of your substance use. Then, you’ll lay down a foundation to build lasting recovery. Next, we will help create your experience in a warm, safe, and authentic environment. Moreover, together we will build a habit of life-building skills. It is all about you and your goals to become the best you.

    It’s essential to surround yourself in an environment that vibes with who you are and what you want to explore. Once your life’s fulfillment is acquired, your sobriety becomes a result. Therefore, if you’re going to begin your first 30 days, speaking to Villa Oasis is necessary to neutralize your fears of recovery. We don’t want you to have any urges, so we put different approaches to eliminating toxins in a safe multi-disciplinary environment. We understand that you have to want to change. For recovery to be successful, you’re going to need a comfortable place.

    We want to share with you a journey that installs sustained recovery. You no longer need to fear the first 30 days of treatment, as you will be reborn into a brighter you. With Villa Oasis, it’s time you take your life back into your own hands. For more information on the first 30 days of treatment, call (323) 739-8673.

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