Should You Travel to Southern California for Addiction Treatment?

Should You Travel to Southern California for Addiction Treatment?

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    Southern California has plenty to offer in the form of treatment. Traveling to Southern California for addiction rehab can include benefits such as a change of scenery, a beautiful climate, and specialized care. This article covers all of the reasons why Southern California may be the best option for you.

    Change of Scenery

    One major benefit of traveling for addiction recovery is that it solidifies the idea of a fresh start. Going somewhere new, even if temporary, feels like a clean slate. Addiction is often compared to going on a journey. You’re setting out on a life-changing adventure into healing and becoming a better and healthier person. By traveling, you’re taking this literally, and in turn, a change of scenery can mirror a change in habits, beliefs, and behaviors.

    Our Beautiful Climate

    California is known for its beautiful weather. It’s associated with warm days next to the beach. Climate is vital to recovery because it impacts how you feel. A climate that makes you feel uncomfortable can affect how you heal. When you’re in treatment for substance use, your body is experiencing physical and psychological withdrawal. Even after detox, you can still feel some symptoms even up to ninety days after becoming sober. Since your body is recuperating, it helps to feel physically comfortable. Treatment in Southern California allows exposure to pleasant weather that won’t get in the way of healing.

    Specialized Care in Southern California

    Another reason why many travel to California is that it’s known for having diverse treatment methods. The golden state was at the forefront of addiction treatment when it first developed and became an industry. They’ve always been on the frontier for holistic care and specialized treatment. If you are looking for something different than the typical addiction treatment experience or found that conventional treatment didn’t work for you, then California could be the place to go.

    Exposure to Nature

    Southern California has a vibrant ecosystem. As a result, there are plenty of opportunities to connect with nature that you wouldn’t find elsewhere in the U.S. Here, you can surf the ocean, hike through the forests, climb a mountain, and walk through the desert. We have it all.

    Nature exposure has been proven to be fantastic for overall wellness. For example, spending time in forests and bodies of water has been connected to lower stress, lower blood pressure, and elevated mood. In addition, nature can be a source of therapy on its own and can be incorporated into treatment. For example, hiking therapy has grown in popularity and could be just what you need.

    Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone

    You might hesitate at the idea of traveling somewhere new for treatment. You might be worried about leaving behind friends and family. You might worry about obligations at home or work. You also might hesitate because it would mean leaving everything familiar behind and pursuing something new and unknown.

    It’s normal to fear the unknown; however, trying something new can help you grow and evolve. By getting out of your comfort zone, you can learn more about the world as well as yourself. In addition, new experiences can expand worldviews, adjusting assumptions that might be the very thing holding you back.

    Going Somewhere Private

    Unfortunately, there’s a huge stigma around addiction and recovery. While it’s important to fight stigma, it can be the thing holding you back from getting help and getting better. You might live in a small town or a tight-knit community. Even if there’s treatment in your hometown, you might worry about someone seeing you or asking you where you’ve been. This can be anxiety-inducing, especially if you’re afraid to be judged,

    You shouldn’t delay treatment because you’re afraid of what other people think; however, ending the stigma about addiction won’t happen overnight. Addiction treatment is time-sensitive. Going somewhere new can allow you to receive care privately, without worrying about what others might think. Instead, you can focus on healing from addiction and learning how to live a sober life.

    Away From Potential Triggers

    In your hometown, you might have places you’ve gone to use substances or people you’ve spent time with associated with substance use. However, there also might be things in your life that fuel your addiction. For example, stress from work, problems at home, or memories that caused you to self-medicate might make it challenging to stay sober and focus on treatment.

    Traveling somewhere new like Southern California can keep you away from the things that could trigger a relapse before you’ve even had a chance to get better. Instead, you can heal and learn coping mechanisms to deal with those triggers without being stuck in the thick of it.

    San Diego is an amazing and beautiful place. You might be reluctant to travel for care, but there are so many benefits that you should consider. If you feel stuck in a rut or that your hometown isn’t a good place for healing, then maybe the best idea is staying somewhere temporarily while you get better. Take the time to learn healthy coping mechanisms in peace so that when you see your friends and family again, they’ll get to see a fresh, new you.

    Villa Oasis offers holistic care to our residents. There are so many different treatment options that you are sure to find something that works for you. Maybe you’ll even get to try something new. If you’d like to learn more about sunny San Diego and what a change in location has to offer, call us at (323) 739-8673 today.

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