How To Have A Sober New Year’s Eve

Friends celebrating their sober New Year's Eve

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    Like so many other holidays, New Year’s Eve is often a part of the drinking culture. Many people attend celebrations where drinking is to be expected especially the traditional midnight champagne toast. For those in early recovery, it may feel like New Year’s Eve is a holiday that doesn’t go well with sobriety. Being sober doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate. There are a few different ways one can enjoy celebrating a sober New Year’s Eve.

    Throw Your Own Party

    A fun and easy way to cut booze out of New Year’s Eve would be to host your own party. Your New Year’s celebration can be large or small with close friends and family. It might be a great idea to invite those who are supportive of your recovery efforts.

    Sober New Years

    Some fun and exciting New Year’s party fun could be giving your party a theme. A 1920’s party could focus on decor, food, and lots of dancing. You could also host a game night, from a more elaborate game night such as a murder mystery party to a simple and classic game night like Charades or Scrabble. Don’t forget to Google some signature mocktail recipes to make your party a bit more special.

    Take a Trip

    Taking a trip or vacation for New Year’s Eve is the perfect way to ring in the New Year while not being expected to attend a party. Taking the time off work and your everyday routine can be a successful way to disconnect. Taking the time to relax can help cultivate better mental health for the New Year.

    Some fun and exciting ideas for vacations are a ski trip with some friends, visiting a national park, or escaping the cold weather for something more tropical.

    Small and Simple

    Keeping a small gathering and surrounding yourself with caring and understanding people is one of the best strategies to keep your New Year’s celebration fun and sober.

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    A few activities you can do with your small circle are hosting a movie night, hiking with some friends, a paint night, or a bake-off. All these activities are a great way to spend the evening.

    You Are Not Alone

    Whatever idea you decide to go with to have a sober New Year’s Eve, it’s important to know you are not alone. Around the world there are millions of people who are struggling with alcohol addiction and spend New Year’s sober. You can still be sober and have a great time. By choosing some of the ideas above, you can have a safe, healthy, sober, and fun New Year’s Eve celebration.

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