Go Sober for October

Go Sober for October

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    Go Sober for October is a movement that began in the United Kingdom in 2016 and has since spread to the United States and Australia. The idea is simple: if you go sober for October, you’ll raise funds for breast cancer research.

    Each year, thousands of people join together to donate millions of dollars to this cause. Going sober for one month may lead to being sober for longer. Try thinking about the things that could happen to you if you decided not to drink for the month of October.

    Benefits of Going Sober for October

    There are many benefits for people who are thinking about taking the Sober for October challenge. You may experience some or all of them. It all starts with a simple choice: no alcohol for one month. Here we listed some of the benefits of no alcohol for one month.

    Physical Health

    Your physical health can significantly improve when you stop drinking. One of the first things you may notice when you stop drinking alcohol is that your energy levels increase, and your sleep becomes much deeper and more restorative. This is because alcohol can interfere with the quality of your sleep by making it less deep and less refreshing, causing fatigue throughout the day.

    Improvement in Mood

    When you give up something that has become a habit or an obsession, there can be a sense of euphoria at first as you get used to being sober again. After this initial period passes, however, some people find their mood improves even further than before they started drinking alcohol. Others report feeling happier than ever with no hangovers or other side effects from giving up drinking.

    Social Benefits

    When we’re drunk on endorphins after having been engrossed in conversation for hours with friends, especially close ones who have known us for years, we feel closer to them than ever before. However, as soon as those happy chemicals begin fading away, all these feelings of closeness seem silly and illusory. Giving up drinking for one month can help you create authentic connections with those close to you without the veil of alcohol.

    How to Sign Up

    To sign up for Go Sober for October, visit the official website and fill out the form. You can pick a start date that works best for you, but keep in mind that many people have found that starting near the beginning of October is more manageable than later on in the month.

    Once you’ve chosen when to start, it’s time to select your support group. There are many different sobriety groups available. Some are based around an online forum where members share their experiences with alcohol and find encouragement from one another, while others meet at local businesses or community centers. It’s best to join a group that suits your interests and lifestyle.

    How to Support a Friend Who Is Going Sober

    Supporting friends who have stopped drinking is essential to continued motivation and sustained sobriety. Don’t pressure them into drinking. Drinking alcohol can be fun and relaxing, but it’s also something that people often feel pressured into doing in social settings.

    You don’t want your friend to feel like they have to drink just because you are or because they think you expect them to. It’s okay if your friend decides not to drink. There are other ways of having fun with friends besides getting drunk.

    Be supportive of your friends who have decided not to drink. Your ultimate goal should be for your friend’s health and happiness. If going sober means talking less about alcohol, try finding another topic of conversation that isn’t related at all. It could even just mean ordering food, so everyone gets hungry enough, and eating becomes more interesting than drinking.

    Going Sober Can Be Hard, but There Are Benefits

    Going sober for October can be a challenge, but the benefits are well worth it. The first few days are going to be hard, but once you get through the adjustment period and find new ways to spend your time and relax, you’ll start to see that there is more than one way to have fun.

    Spend time with friends in new ways. If you’ve always hung out at bars or restaurants, try something different. Research local parks or museums and plan an afternoon adventure with friends who will support your decision.

    You can also find a creative way to exercise. You don’t have to join a gym or sign up for an expensive class at first. Instead of spending an hour at the bar after work every day this month, why not walk around your neighborhood instead? You’ll get in some exercise while also saving yourself money.

    All in all, going sober, even just for the month of October, can show you that there is more to life than alcohol. You can find enjoyment outside of drinking and live life to the fullest.

    Taking the challenge to be sober for one month can be a great jump start to ending your drinking problem, all while helping raise money for those with cancer. If you would like to sign up, head to the official Go Sober for October website.

    You can also get some support to help you be successful. You deserve to give yourself this chance and see what your life can be like with no alcohol. If you or someone you know might be struggling with alcohol addiction, reach out to us here at Villa Oasis San Diego. We want to help you overcome this addiction through our program.

    Each program is individualized to help you be the most successful in your treatment and recovery. It can all start next month if you decide to try Go Sober for October. For more information, call (323) 739-8673.

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