Get Out of the Malibu Rehab Scene: Why Villa Is Right for You

Written by: Lynn Finnell, LMFT, LAADC | Reviewed by: Christian Small, MD

Get Out of the Malibu Rehab Scene: Why Villa Is Right for You

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    Villa Oasis San Diego differs from the rehab scene in Malibu in several ways. This article will discuss the downsides of the typical Malibu rehab facilities and what makes Villa Oasis unique. We offer many forms of treatment, a staff that feels like family, and a location close to nature.

    The Problem With the Malibu Scene

    Los Angeles is known for many things, from Hollywood to pretty beaches. LA is also well known for its rehab and wellness industry. The third-largest city is filled with addiction treatment facilities and treatment centers. The issue, however, is how popular the Malibu rehab scene has become, which can come with downsides.

    Even if the treatment center you’re considering claims to be exclusive, you may not get as much privacy as you think. Since so many people are trying to get better in one area, the community can feel overcrowded. There’s an overwhelming amount of clinics to choose from that all seem to offer the same thing. 

    Since there is so much competition, clinics tend to compete with each other instead of focusing on the client’s needs. It becomes less about care and more about trying to attract new clients.

    Benefits of Choosing Villa Oasis

    An Opportunity to Get Away

    If you live in the Los Angeles area, going to treatment in another part of the state may help. A change of scenery can be significant for healing because you get to start with a blank slate. Relocating can also help you avoid potential triggers like friends and places that played a part in your substance use. Trying therapy in a new location allows you to focus on yourself instead of your environment.


    Less Crowded Here

    Not only is the San Diego area smaller in population, but it’s also a smaller treatment community. You won’t feel overwhelmed by numbers. 

    Villa Oasis is an exclusive treatment facility. A smaller community means a higher chance of forming deeper connections and finding reliable support. You won’t need to compete for resources or worry about overcrowded recovery events.

    A Smaller Treatment Center

    It’s easier to have a smaller treatment center with fewer people. There are plenty of benefits to going to a smaller treatment center rather than a large or medium-sized treatment center. A smaller size means that other clients and staff can take the time to get to know you. Our size also allows for tight-knit support while in treatment and long after.

    Staff That Feels Like Family

    At Villa Oasis, we avoid coming across as stuffy or clinical. We want you to feel at home. Our smaller treatment center only has six beds. Our staff-to-client ratio is one-to-one, so you won’t ever feel like you’re on your own. 

    Our staff takes the time to get to know you deeply as a person and work beyond the surface level. During your time with us, you’ll form deep and lasting connections.

    Holistic Care Tailored to Your Needs

    We help you choose the best path for your recovery. We have plenty of different options to choose from, and we can tailor your treatment program to your needs. When we create a plan, we consider what types of therapy will help you the most.

    A Slower Pace

    The Malibu area can be too fast-paced for some people. Slowing down is especially important during treatment because you need to take time to heal. You can take your time without feeling overwhelmed by everything you ask of yourself.

    Close to Nature

    Malibu might be close to some nature, but it still has to compete with sprawling cities and suburbs. Villa Oasis is right next to our treatment center. Enjoy our adventure therapy program, allowing you to reconnect with the great outdoors.

    Right Next to Beautiful San Diego

    San Diego is a big city with a small-town feel. LA and the Malibu areas are packed and sprawling. But in San Diego, you can still feel connected to others and less alone.

    If you’re looking to escape the crowded Malibu treatment scene, Villa Oasis San Diego could be your place. We are lucky to have a beautiful location where you can relax and heal. 

    Villa Oasis could be the intimate, off-the-beaten-path treatment center you’re looking for. Villa Oasis offers a unique location, diverse experiences, alternative treatment options, and personalized care. You don’t need to worry about getting cookie-cutter treatment or being sold something that doesn’t work. We genuinely care about our clients and do everything we can to help them heal during their treatment. 

    If you’re interested in learning more about Villa Oasis, call us. We’re here to help. You can contact us today at (323) 739-8673 for an experience you will never forget.

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