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san diego’s premier private rehabilitation facility 

Villa Oasis San Diego is an ultra-private and premier rehabilitation facility. We provide an authentic and humanistic experience for those seeking therapeutic treatment for substance use and co-occurring disorders.

Our practice incorporates a multi-disciplinary approach that recognizes the unique and complex background of each resident which creates an effective and efficient treatment that identifies the problems at their roots and lays the foundation for long-lasting recovery.

Each program is co-created with each resident after the initial consultation.  This personalized treatment approach is designed to meet the specific needs and goals that are unique to each resident and ensures the resident is fully supported to achieve their desired outcomes during and after rehabilitation.


Who we are

Villa Oasis provides the amenities, location, and environment to cultivate a safe and comfortable experience for all of our residents. Although our breathtaking facility is unmatched by any of its kind, we don’t want that to be the sole reason why you choose Villa Oasis.

We pride the backbone of our success on establishing a culture that is inviting, warm, and authentic and it is important that our vibe resonates throughout our entire facility. Our team operates as a family and fully invite our residents to become part of that family.

We use the term “Residents” purposefully, rather than “client” or “patient” because while with Villa Oasis, our house is truly your house.

We want your experience with us to introduce and support a life-long journey of sustained and fulfilling sobriety. Our approach is a multidimensional collaboration of medical, clinical, and holistic approaches which allows us to tailor treatment plans specifically to the individual.